April 28, 2010

Something To Do With A Can Of Sardines

So I've already discussed my love of sardines here. On the way to AWP I saw this amazing can of sardines at a tiny little grocery on the east side of Wolf Creek Pass. Not only is the design amazing (I'd never seen an upright can of sardines, this fish looks to be enjoying a swim through tomatoes and green chiles, there's a woman surfing, the five different fonts used without completely alienating me... I could go on and on) but spicy tomato sounded terrific. I bought two: one to eat and one to save forever. This is what I did with the can I ate.

Sardines on toast with rosemary butter

3 sprigs of rosemary
3 tablespoons of butter
2 pieces of bread
1 can of sardines
mustard and/or mayo is optional

Melt your butter your preferred butter melting method (microwave 45 seconds in my case). Mix in the rosemary and let it cool down some; it's just easier to spread when it's in that not-runny liquid phase, nor that solid cold phase. Liberally spread the butter on your bread and toast until it turns into the kind of toast you like. Cut the sardines in half along the spine that way they're thinner and can fit inside your mouth easier. Put the sardines on the toast and eat.

This is really cheap, especially since I have a rosemary bush outside. I think the grand total on this meal/snack was about $2.00 maybe $3.00. It was also really quick. If I wasn't taking pictures it would have taken me about five minutes (why isn't there a 'minute symbol', the way there is a 'dollar symbol'?).

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  1. Wow. This sounds great. Goya makes an "upright" can of sardines in an amazing tomato sauce that I was always easily able to find in NY, but I haven't seen it around NM, but I bet it's around somewhere. You could probably try a version of this with anchovy paste instead of the sardines, but light on the anchovy paste so it's not too salty.


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