May 17, 2010

I'll Eat Whatever I Want Cause I'm On Vacay

So as soon as school got out me and my neighbors threw a party, titled The Last Supper. It was a blast. You might have seen the promo video.

Since then I've been on the road. I saw my brother's new baby girl, and my new niece, Aubree Hannah. On the way across NM I ate at KFC, Taco Bell, and McDonald's all in one day. Yes I had the Double Down, and yes it destroyed my intestines. While I was visiting my family I managed to eat pizza, fried chicken, green chili bacon cheeseburgers, and Red Lobster in four days.
After visiting my parents I went and hung out with a friend in Colorado Springs for a few days then camped over the weekend in Cotopaxi CO. From Wednesday to Sunday we managed to eat Mexican food four out of five of those days. Wednesday night was Carlos Miguels, Thursday night was Jose Muldoon's, and on Saturday and Sunday afternoon we ate at El Caporal. El Caporal had a great ratio of value to service to taste going on so it was hard to even try a new place the second day (get the Colorado Burrito, it's the one with the red sauce). The food we made while camping contained bacon all three times (breakfast, dinner, breakfast), as we were trying to avoid bringing any food back with us. It's been a great ending to a hectic semester. Enjoy the pictures.

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