August 22, 2010

Snacks & Links

Poetry Digest is a journal that publishes poems on cakes and cupcakes. Check out their past "issues," and submit by September 30th.

image from Poetry Digest

I love Ruth Reichl's (former editor of Gourmet) Twitter. Her tweets are highly poetic (almost to the point of ridiculousness) little culinary tidbits....a sample, from August 21st: Chilly morning; summer ebbing away. Last night's peach pie, fragile and fragrant on this bright morning. Each bite a tiny farewell.  Kind of over-the-top but pretty, right? I think her tweets are exaggerated in a totally good way; I really enjoy her own enjoyment of her meals and her surroundings.

Literary Food Porn is a blog that features "delicious descriptions of food from literature." It hasn't been updated in a while, but it's still cool to look at the excerpts they've posted, including two from Laura Ingalls Wilder (a personal favorite of mine since childhood. I'm still discovering ways that the Little House series contributed to the development of my psyche).

As the semester begins and I find myself having to stay on campus far into the evenings, I'm thinking about what I can eat to keep going. A packed lunch is pretty standard for me, but I also try to bring snacks that will tide me over during a 2.5 hour class or a long stretch of office hours. I try to eat healthy snacks, and when I'm at home I eat a lot of string cheese, greek yogurt, almonds, avocado spread on toast, granola bars, frozen grapes, etc.

I'm trying to think of more nutritious, portable (aka non-refrigerated aka non utensil-requiring) snacks I can keep in my bag so I don't have to resort to chips or pretzels from the vending machine or the campus store. Got any ideas? What do you eat as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack?


  1. I can't make any snack suggestions, mainly because you've already listed what I would suggest.
    I can however suggest a ginger energy drink by Reed's. It's in a purple can and they sell it at Toucan and the Co-Op. It doesn't have any of the crap that energy drinks have. Just lots of ginger and green tea extract... and I think some sort of special super vitamin B.
    In any case, I keep one on hand for a long day at school and it always perks me up. But ginger always makes my happy in the belly.

  2. TraderJoesDriedChilliSpicedMango...(SorryMySpaceKeyIsBusted!)

  3. I take grapes or veggie sticks in a small tupperware container; as long as they're cold when I pack them, I assume they'll not poison me before 3 pm. Or build your own trail mix with nuts and dried fruit.

  4. Toasted seaweed--they come in all sorts of flavors (soy sauce, teriyaki, spicy) and they sell big containers of them, chip-size at the Asian markets in El Paso for cheap (cheaper than the coop). Snap-pea crisp is also awesome, but probably not as good for you. Wasabi peas, and some of the oriental snack mixes are also delicious, and again you can get them cheaply at the markets in El Paso.


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