December 3, 2010

What Should I Cook For My Class' "Breakfast Party?"

The class I'm teaching has its exam period on Monday from 8:00-10:00 am (I know, it's painful, especially for a Monday. The plus is that it's smack at the beginning of exam week and is forcing me to grade papers in a timely manner). My students and I decided to have a "breakfast party" while we finish up the last round of paper presentations. I told them I would make them something good, but I'm kind of at a loss as to what to make. I'm thinking some kind of oatmeal breakfast-bar-type thing or maybe mini quiches, but am open to suggestions.

What would you cook for breakfast for 24 tired and stressed freshman and sophomores? It needs to be easily portable!

*Addendum: I ended up making some cereal bars with rice krispies, raisins, brown sugar, flour, honey, and granola: basically mix and then bake for 20 minutes. They were just ok, but my students brought tons of good food, including doughnuts, Christmas cookies, and a 3/4 full jug of orange juice that had been used to make screwdrivers the night before.


  1. I like this stuff, provided you have no nut allergies in your class:

    It's good enough to eat like trail mix, and I think you can adapt it to make bars if you want.

  2. you're way nicer than any of my professors.

  3. so, what'd you make?! i always think of quiche...but that's not appropriate for all students sometimes. maybe a quinoa and bean thing.

    also, i want to eat whatever it is that's on your banner. i want to eat a lot of it.

  4. I'm also obsessed with the green dish on the banner. Looks amazing.

  5. the thing on the banner is asparagus spinach frittata. so easy! the recipe is from the end of the november.


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