March 10, 2010

Cooking The Books

I recently came across a web series called Cooking The Books. It is basically an internet cooking show that consists of Emily Gould ( formerly of Gawker fame), inviting authors into her kitchen to cook recipes inspired by their recent books. Gould can be just the teensiest bit annoying (and where is the actual cooking?), but it's a cool idea. The most recent episode features Julie Powell, the Julie of "Julia & Julia." But in the interest of full disclosure, Julie Powell kinda freaks me out and they're cooking liver in that one, so I chose episode 4 to share with you guys. In episode 4, Gould cooks cheeseburgers with novelist Jami Attenberg.

Cooking the Books -- Episode 4 -- Jami Attenberg from The Awl on Vimeo.

Let's petition Emily Gould to do an episode with a poet.

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