June 28, 2010

I mentioned good news last time. I'm on a grand adventure right now. I'm stopped in Denver escaping the Las Cruces heat. I'll be in New York City for the fourth of July! Then I'm on my way to Madrid. I'm obviously excited for the Spanish team's win against Chile and I'm rooting for them against Portugal tomorrow. If Spain wins the World Cup, I'll be there.

I also have three poems coming out in July. Two in PANK and one in Strange Machine. I'm really happy about both of those. I think PANK always has really hot stuff and Strange Machine, for such a small magazine, puts out amazing poetry (Zachary Schomburg, and This Poem).

On a similar note, my friend Mike Meginnis and Tracy Bowling have started a magazine called Uncanny Valley and said they really liked some of my tweets about fatherhood. He said I should re-write it and submit it. We should all submit some cool stuff. Their taste in literature is amazing so I trust that they'll have a great magazine as long as enough people submit work.

I'm also really happy to say that I just accepted a Graduate Assistantship. I had kind of given up on it after last spring, but I was offered one earlier today. It's a huge raise and looks good on a CV.

So this recipe and this one are amazing. Other than adding a lot of basil to the pesto, follow them exactly and pair them together with a G&T. Best Summer Meal Ever.

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