November 4, 2010

Where I Take A Classic And Make It Classier

A staple for fall weather is soup, and nothing goes better with soup than grilled cheese.  I love all sorts of varieties of grilled cheese.  The coffee shop down the street makes a grilled cheese with grated cheddar, tomatoes, and onions.  It's delicious.  But it's a little bland.  Properly making a sandwich is an art, and making a grilled sandwich is high art.  The only time I've gotten into a physical confrontation with my mother, was over a grilled cheese sandwich (I wanted to butter both sides of the bread; she thought I was taking too long).  This recipe takes the grilled cheese and makes it a little more fancy in a southwestern sort of way.  Take the normal recipe (cheese and buttered bread) and add roasted onions and green chili.  Use the gooey American cheese slices and then you have something with a kick that tastes like a relleno.  Use ranch dressing or salsa to dip the sandwich.

Grilled Green Chili and Cheese
1 sliced green chili
2 slices of onion
4 slices of American cheese
4 pieces of buttered bread (one side or two, it's your decision)

Saute the onions and chile in the same pan that you're going to grill the sandwiches in.  When they are finished sauteing, place the buttered bread, butter side down, into the still hot pan. Place a cheese slice on top of each slice of bread.


When the cheese begins to melt, place the onion and green chili mixture on one slice of bread and place the other slice of bread on top of that.  Press it down a little bit to melt the two slices together.  Keep cooking until the sandwich is the way you like it.


  1. So, I read this and thought it sounded delicious. Now, there aren't many green chiles in KY, so I got some jalapeños. Here are some things I learned while cooking this up.

    1. Inhaled steam from cooking jalapenos is just a spicy in your nose as it is in your mouth when you eat them.

    2. The cutting and cooking of jalapenos gets jalapeno juice on your fingers. It's advisable not to put your fingers in your mouth if you haven't washed them copiously OR to have some already poured milk handy.

    3. Related to number two, don't put your finger in your eye either! If you do, pour milk directly into your eye. Water makes it worse. A shot glass will help with getting the milk in your eye.

    If your grilled cheese is still warm after all this, it's delicious. :)


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