January 3, 2011

Food Groups

Hello everyone and sorry for not posting in FOREVER.  During the highest food intake period of the year I've been silent and for that I'm quite sorry.  I've really only cooked like five things aside from soup from a can in the past three months because of my laziness and my complete absorption in my thesis and applying for phd programs.  I did take pictures of the food, but most of it was so unappetizing that I didn't even bother posting because of ugly pictures.  The three things I cooked were beans and rice, chocolate raspberry cake, tostadas, and potato tacos.  They were all really tasty but looked like poop.

Of all the food I made last semester, the chocolate cake was the best tasting by far.  It was basically just a boxed sheet cake with fresh raspberries that I put on top about half way through the cooking process.  Then instead of waiting till it cooled, I put melted icing on top of it right after I pulled it out of the oven.  That's to save time and to make the cake more gooey.  It was basically like a browny.  I'm not sure, but I think that any fresh fruit would taste good on top of a cake.  I'll do more experimenting and take better pictures next time.

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