January 26, 2011

Gouda Variations

I love cheese.  If I could be an expert on anything, it would be cheese.  I bought some really expensive cheese about two weeks ago and it was soooo worth it.  I decided when I bought it that I would use it for as many different things as possible.  Inspired by a soup I ate at Upstream Brewery, I went with some smoked gouda that was about $7 for four ounces.  I made a fancy grilled cheese, a veggie burger with cheese, potato soup, and some green chile smother which I used for a burrito and for enchiladas.  Here are the pics and if you want more detailed recipes, just ask me in the comments and I'll make a post about the individual item.
Grilled cheese with roma tomatoes, onions and smoked gouda on Texas toast

Veggie burger with smoked gouda, onions, and mixed greens on Texas toast

Roasted potato soup with smoked gouda and onions

Smothered veggie burrito with smoked gouda green chile smother

Black bean and mushroom enchiladas with smoked gouda green chili smother (going to definitely do an individual post about this one in a week or two)


  1. i'd like the roasted potato soup recipe!

  2. that all looks amazing. i also love gouda. i would eat each and every one of those right up!

  3. Potato soup will be after the enchilada recipe.


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